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Greenberg & Bass attorneys possess the skills necessary to navigate the bankruptcy process resulting in successful Chapter 11 plan confirmation.Jim and Loraine DeFrank

How To Get Rid of a Court-Appointed Receiver

Judicially appointed receivers are a bit like crazy glue.  Once adhered, they can be awfully Continue Reading …

Citing $10 Million In Tax Debts, Singer Dionne Warwick Files For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Owing more than $10 million in back taxes, singer Dionne Warwick, a regular at the top of the Continue Reading …

Bankruptcy and Insolvency

G&B is a recognized leader in the area of insolvency, bankruptcy, preference defense and out-of-court workouts. The firm represents secured and unsecured creditors, debtors, financial institutions, asset-based lenders, bankruptcy and creditors’ committees, bankruptcy trustees and purchasers of financially distressed businesses.

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How To Get Rid of a Court-Appointed Receiver

Judicially appointed receivers are a bit like crazy glue.  Once adhered, they can be awfully difficult to unstick.  It is possible, however, based on powers authorized by the U.S. Bankruptcy Code (“the Code”).  The powers of a receiver appointed under California law are quite broad.  They are almost unlimited based on the court’s ability to Continue Reading …

“Defending bankruptcy preference claims, we do it every day” – Jim Felton, Greenberg & Bass

So, imagine that you’re doing business in California and you’ve provided product to another company. You’ve been paid for some of that product and you’ve received money from that company, and then that company files bankruptcy. Perhaps in that instance, you didn’t get paid all that you were owed. You might be owed another $40,000 Continue Reading …

“Chapter 11 is a way for a business to reorganize it’s debt” – Jim Felton of Greenberg & Bass

Hi, I’m Jim Felton, and I’m the managing partner here at Greenberg and Bass. We are a full service business law firm in Encino, with a particular emphasis on bankruptcy and business litigation matters. Much of what we do in the bankruptcy arena are filing chapter elevens for businesses. Chapter Eleven is a way for Continue Reading …

Business Litigation

From dispute resolution and negotiated settlements, to trial representation and appeals, G&B represents businesses and individuals in all types of commercial disputes, including fraud, lender liability, securities, shareholder disputes, contracts, Uniform Commercial Code matters, and franchise, probate, real estate, bankruptcy and insolvency issues.

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“Business Litigation is about positive results for our clients” – Jim Felton, Greenberg & Bass

Many people think that litigation is about winning and losing, and for some, that’s what it is about. But to me, litigation is about creating a result for a client that that client needs and wants. I’ll give you an example. I represented a client that sold many of her websites to a large entity. Continue Reading …

“Business dissolution experts serving Los Angeles” – Jim Felton, Greenberg & Bass

So, imagine that you’re in college and you have a great idea with your roommate to start a business. You don’t really have enough money to do all the legal documentation that you could do or should do, but you start it and it’s a great idea. For years things go great. The business thrives. Continue Reading …

SOPA de Jour: Congress Debates Stop Internet Piracy Act

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is currently under vigorous debate in Congress and may be headed for passage in 2012. SOPA permits a trademark or copyright owner to send a notification of alleged infringement of its intellectual property right(s) on a web site to an “Internet Advertising Service” or “Payment Network Provider” which are Continue Reading …

Green Law

G&B provides expertise in the emerging area of green building and sustainability law. The firm’s extensive experience in real estate, commercial development and finance has expanded to include green building, design, construction, leasing, contracts, financing, insurance and risk management issues for businesses focused on sustainable growth.

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New Hybrid Corporation Law Focus of Adelman Article

“A business can do well by also doing good” is a concept that has existed for decades. New California laws are making the concept a reality for entrepreneurs seeking a business structure that supports traditional for-profit elements and promotes the public benefits of a nonprofit. David Adelman collaborated with The Law Firm for Nonprofits to Continue Reading …

David Adelman Recipient of Two Awards

Greenberg & Bass partner David Adelman was selected as Attorney Trusted Advisor of the Year at the recently held Trusted Advisors Awards sponsored by the San Fernando Valley Business Journal.  Mr. Adelman was nominated for the Trusted Advisor Award by one of his long-time clients. In his nomination submission, the client stated, “Working with an attorney who Continue Reading …

David Adelman Joins Mayor Villaraigosa in Urging Congress to Pass Transportation Bill

David Adelman, Chair of VICA (Valley Industry and Commerce Association) joined Mayor Villaraigosa and other local officials at a press conference on Wednesday, March 21 to urge Congress to pass a transportation bill that would sped up the construction of several Los Angeles County highway and rail projects. A provision in the legislation would allow local Continue Reading …