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“Business Litigation is about positive results for our clients” – Jim Felton, Greenberg & Bass

Many people think that litigation is about winning and losing, and for some, that’s what it is about. But to me, litigation is about creating a result for a client that that client needs and wants. I’ll give you an example.

I represented a client that sold many of her websites to a large entity. The terms of the purchase and sale were that she was to be getting some money up front and the rest over time. When the new company took over the websites, they didn’t do nearly the same job she did, and the revenue from the websites was not what it should have been.

They didn’t agree to pay her the second payment that she was owed, and as a result, she had to sue. She didn’t really want to make an example, she didn’t want to spend a lot of money on litigation, she just wanted the money that she was promised. We filed a Federal Court Action, we filed what’s called a Writ of Attachment, and about a month later, she got a check for $950,000.

Winning, losing, doesn’t really matter. It’s about the result, and she was happy.